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About This Class

BALLET BARRE is a fun and dynamic fitness class that puts the emphasis on classical ballet movements and techniques (pliés, relevés, glissés, etc.). This class aims to tone up the body and elongate the silhou­ette and works coordination, posture, balance, flex­ibility, musicality, and grace of movement all while strengthening our muscles. You can also try our Hot Booty Ballet Dynamic Fitness Program based on traditional ballet conditioning exercises, core strengthening & resistance training. The class is designed to shape, sculpt, stretch and tone your entire body. Hot Booty Ballet utilizes mini-bands, body weight and light weights to perform multiple high reps of small isolated movements in order to sculpt muscles without adding bulk. Come meet us at the barre!



Dahlia Caro 

Classical, contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, tap dance… Dahlia has been dancing since the age of three. At 18, following training at Royal Academy of Dance and an accreditation from BARRECONCEPT®, she starts teaching different dance styles and for the past three years, she has focussed on classical ballet and fitness. “The classical ballet technique has always followed me and helped with other dance styles. This is the basis of coordination and movement.” At Mansfield, her Ballet Barre class is constant movement combining ballet and cardio elements. “It’s a training that tones the body, lengthens the figure, works coordination, posture, and muscles of the feet. We also work flexibility, balance, and strength of the abdomen. My goal is to make this practice less intimidating for those who have never done ballet, and this, through a simplified class.”