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The whys and hows of Functional Training

The principals of Functional training originate from physiotherapy, orthopedic and occupational therapy. It was originally a method of rehabbing an injury, correcting movement patterns and incorporating tasks in the specific practice of each patient. It has now evolved into its own training system.

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Mansfield Profile

We often hear about life transformations, people who make a deliberate and conscious decision to change their eating habits and lifestyle for the better. We’re lucky enough to have one of those individuals among us: Arnold Cohen is certainly an inspiration for all those who still find excuses to ...

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Did you know that... Quinoa contains complete proteins beacuse it has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition. This type of complete protein is rarely found in plant foods, though common in meats. Quinoa also offers a good dose of fiber and iron.

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Tips on creating a healthy lunch box

Happy are those who cook because leftovers are the easiest solution for a quick lunch. To ensure you have enough food leftover, do not hesitate to double recipes when cooking pasta, rice and vegetables. You can also prepare containers of extra fruit, vegetables and salad over the weekend. Freezing ...

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Beginner's guide: kettlebells

Fifteen years ago, very few people outside Eastern Europe had ever heard of kettlebells. Today these weights are in almost every gym in North America, and "kettlebell workouts" is the sixth most googled exercise term on the planet. No wonder: "Kettlebells are more user-friendly than barbells or ...

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Mansfield Juice Bar

Mansfield has a convenient and healthy Juice Bar centrally located in the Club. Our focus is on providing members healthy, fresh and tasty menu options in a comfortable and social environment. If you want to grab a quick shake before or after a workout...

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Group Exercise

You have a hectic schedule that changes from week to week? No matter. Our group programs are completely open. No need to register for our classes except for a few classes. Just show up at the appointed time and enjoy the fun!

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Mansfield Community

News, events, promotions, articles on health, training and nutrition, all you want to know to maximize the benefits of the Mansfield experience. Come visit us often, regular updates.

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Personal Training

A personal trainer will help you integrate training sessions into your schedule as if it were a business appointment.

A personal trainer provides you security by monitoring each of your workouts...

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Mansfield Athletic Club The ultimate gym experience

Discover the ultimate health and fitness Club near the dix30 quarter in Brossard. Luxury and comfort that you can afford! Getting back in shape or maintaining it has never been easier. Mansfield Athletic Club, the ultimate gym in Brossard.