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Welcome to the new users of Spinning experience at Mansfield


  1. You have to be a new member at Downtown Mansfield to benefit from this experience.
  2. This service is included  in your Downtown Mansfield membership  and no additional cost is required
  3. At your first connection, enter the access code and password given to you by Club Mansfield. If you do not have this information, click on “Forgot Login” or contact the reception at 514-390-1230 or email at [email protected].


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Once connected, you can:


1.Personalize your account profile

2.Reserve your Spinning class online (10 days in advance) – click on the schedule or locate the “Book your Class” button in the top right corner

3.Register your heart rate belt (optional) :

  • Go in “Account”
  • Click on “PREFERENCE” in the left menu
  • Enter the number of your belt under the section: “Heart Rate Monitor ID”
  • You can use any type of heart rate monitor (MyZone, Garmin, Polar …) which has the Bluetooth or ANT+ technology.

4. Enter your reservations directly in your calendar

5. Consult your results

6. If you wish to hide your name from the performance table in the Spinning room:

  • Go in « Account »
  • Click on ‘’PREFERENCE’’ in the left menu
  • Remove the option “Do you want to participate in the Studio Performance Board?”


Once in class:


  1. If you are new to Spinning, please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class to adjust your bike.
  2. Validate the number of your bike on the screen
  3. You did not reserve?
    • If you do wish to reserve, you can register at the reception
    • If you do not wish to follow your results, please ensure to pick a bike that is not reserved (see bikes in white on the screen)


After the class:


  1. You will receive a personalized email summarizing your performance for the day.
  2. Access your account online to see the summary of all your performances and to compare your progress with the group.


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