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When bad posture has a hold on us

Sore back, stiff neck, and sensitive shoulders; sound familiar? Such discomforts are felt when you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk in the same position; you are working many muscles that are, unfortunately, weak. Such weak muscle tone is the source of...

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Integrate a workout routine – conciliation with work

Improving one’s physical endurance, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and regaining the vitality of the past are among the most common fitness goals. Now, how to integrate a workout routine into our already busy lives, when having both professional and family obligations? To maximize your...

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Apple Picking Season: Recipe Ideas

Apple picking season is coming to an end and it's the last chance of the season to stock your fridges with apples. There are tons of Quebec varieties to discover. Need some ideas? This blog post is for you! Where to go? The municipality of Rougemont is...

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4 tips to Savour Thanksgiving

With so much delicious food served at Thanksgiving, this celebration can make it difficult to keep our healthy eating habits in check. Here are some tips and strategies for a deliciously healthy Thanksgiving! 1. The Importance of Breakfast You may think you’re saving lots of calories by...

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10 tricks to master your first 10km.

  Running is becoming more and more popular! This is excellent news as it shows just how much people care about their health and developing healthy life habits. I'm often told, "Pamela: I'd love to run my first 10 k while still having fun and staying...

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The Dragon Fruit, a refreshing and colorful snack!

The Pitaya, also, known as Dragon fruit, has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Is it for its fashionable look? Possibly, with its fuchsia shell and polka dot interior, we get that it's appealing to the eye, but don't leave your taste buds out...

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