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Take it outside: Keep your summer body working for you

Summer’s around the corner and that famous question comes up: how will I make sure I’m feeling fit and ready to take on sun?

Summer bodies are a thing of the past: we want to be fit all year long; but it’s time to give that extra push and not lose momentum during months of vacations, barbeques and beaches! Solution? Keep up your routine and take advantage of the sun and fresh air at the same time.

Here are some tips to keep you on track, up your sweat level and increase your vitamin C:

The first rule of staying on track – keep it simple! For the following exercises you will need you and you alone. Use your own body weight for an intense workout.

It’s important to keep a balanced ratio between weight training and cardio. Focus on explosive exercises with your legs, like jump squats, jump lunges (just keep jumping!) in order to add the extra difficulty to your movements. This will help you significantly increase calories burned.

Switch up your focus to endurance exercises such as push-up with a slow tempo, burpees or mountain climbers on the ground.

Your goal is to create a dynamic circuit to maximize the effort and energy used. Since you’re not using any additional weight, you’re relying on your cardiac system to get results.

Increase exercises to the lower body, allowing you to burn more calories per session and add in a few exercises for the upper body such as the V-up and the plank for the abs, as well as step-ups and push-ups for the arms.

Finish up with a 1 kilometer run to optimize your results and top off your energy expenditure.

Remember that diet is more than half the effort in reaching your summer goals.

At a barbeque? Stick to lean chicken brochettes instead of red meat and add vegetables that are high in fibre and vitamins such as broccoli, butternut squash and mushrooms.

At the beach? Instead of chips, baked kale chips make are a great alternative, or tried dried fruit with nuts.

Ready for a 5 à 7? Choose light colored drinks such as gin or vodka, with water and lime, turning down sugary mixers. Opt for flavourful beers such as Rolling Rock and Guinness which have less calories than your average brew (while always drinking in moderation!)

Stay thirsty! Drinks lots of water to stay hydrated and eat vegetables such as cucumbers and watermelon that are high in water content.

Enjoy the summer, you’ve earned it!


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