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Integrate a workout routine – conciliation with work

Improving one’s physical endurance, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and regaining the vitality of the past are among the most common fitness goals. Now, how to integrate a workout routine into our already busy lives, when having both professional and family obligations? To maximize your chances of success, you will gain by

1—having a 100% personalized workout plan, and

2—respecting your workout schedule. And most importantly, no more excuses. Because the best time to start taking care of yourself is … today!


Get a program specifically designed for you

The danger comes when people rely on fitness routines that they see on the web or that worked for someone else. Although they are not all bad, these routines neglect one very important workout factor: the evaluation work, a crucial step in obtaining an effective workout plan. Workout “effectiveness” is very simple: the more personalized your routine is, the quicker you will obtain results and the more likely you are to stay motivated. A qualified trainer will understand what your goals are, respect your capacities, will find the best exercises (for shaping, weight loss and/or muscle gain) and will introduce you to types of food that will allow you to obtain results quicker and more efficiently. Once a month, his/her role will consist of reviewing your program according to your results and new goals.


A dose of discipline

Remember that when working out, goals and perseverance go hand in hand. Some prefer working out early in the morning before going to work or at the end of the day before going home, while others use their lunch hour or workout once the kids are in bed. In order to respect your workout plan and to reach your goals, your trainer hopes to see you at the gym on average 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hour each time. Whether you are a professional, a mother or father, young, or 40, 50 or 60 years old, finding what motivates you is essential in helping you fulfill your commitment. Once you have discussed this with your trainer, and to increase your chances of success, you must be ready to:


  • Perform a structural assessment (determine your muscle strengths and weaknesses; strengthen, adjust or improve injuries; take note of the bad techniques; etc.), because we can seem to be “in shape” without actually being “in shape”;
  • Get enough sleep, between 9 and 10 hours per night (useful for the regulation of cortisol and growth hormone stimulation);
  • Eat well;
  • Be disciplined (keep a calendar where you prioritize your workout) and show up to your appointments.


Stay motivated, yes! But how?

There are several ways to increase or maintain your motivation. First, working with a trainer helps people to respect their commitment. For others, listening to their own music allows them to avoid distractions and to stick to their workout time. Setting realistic goals and achieving them is also a good way to remain motivated. Soon, the results will start to speak for themselves and you will feel proud. Remember: as soon as you feel unmotivated, you must immediately determine the cause. Never hesitate to ask your trainer for help. Beyond your workout and your physical condition, your well-being is important to your trainer. Together, you will be able to overcome any obstacles and find solutions so that you can continue on the right path.


The influence of others

Almost everyone wants to be in better shape and no one is trying to hide it. However, less are willing to admit that the main goal is weight loss and that the ultimate goal would be to obtain a more attractive physique that will attract stares and envy. Beneficial or harmful? Insofar as the process is healthy, it is not all bad, since the beauty criteria behind fashion fitness, if they are not exaggerated, are usually a sign of a good physical health: favorable cardiovascular and muscular conditions and low-fat percentage. But be careful! Like with everything else, excess and false promises can be dangerous for the individual themselves as well as for those they are influencing. Which is why we recommend obtaining a workout plan prepared by a certified trainer before starting any program.


Adapted workout program, defined goals, attendance, healthy lifestyle, and motivation, this is the formula that we offer to ensure concrete results. Are you on board?


Olivier Renière

  • Sc. in Kinesiology
  • Naturopath certification
  • First Line Therapy, certification



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