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Invest in your well-being, boost your happiness!

Think of your quick coffee, Thursday’s a happy hour to unwind after the work week—basically, all the little things that make you feel good at the moment but don’t have great advantages? And if you put that money aside to invest in something that is truly beneficial to you? And if you decided to make your well-being a priority; to maximize your time and money, to be followed by a professional who has your health at heart? The role of a private trainer is precisely to ensure your well-being. In addition to assessing your needs, he/she will follow up with you, week after week, to make sure that you obtain your physical fitness goals in the best possible state of mind.


Beyond the physical form

Do you believe that training is simply a question of strength and physical endurance? You are mistaken! The mental aspect plays a more important role than we think. In fact, when a person is not in the best mental state, for whatever reason, he/she may tend to gain weight, take less care of themselves, abandon their good habits, lose confidence, etc. In these moments, we would be inclined to stop working out. However, we should be doing the opposite. Because working out, in addition to the benefits on the body, will have a significant impact on your thoughts, often very beneficial. It is, therefore, a great way to improve and maintain mental balance. By combining physical and psychological training values, you ensure a healthy mind and body.


To each their own plan

The activity is good for everyone, regardless of age. The biggest advantage of working out with a private trainer is that you benefit from the expertise of a professional, especially trained to be able to prepare personalized workout plans according to your specific needs. Once you feel you have reached a plateau, professional help can literally help you get to the next level. Even certain injuries and weaknesses, if treated correctly, may improve. Everything is interconnected: for example, by gaining muscle mass, we can correct posture, which can diminish lower back pain and prevent injuries.


Working out is not just about losing weight or getting in shape. We accompany you in your objectives such as muscle toning and definition, body shaping, gaining muscle mass, muscular hypertrophy, fat loss, posture, corrective training and injury prevention, strength training, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), balance training, core strength, etc. We can also assist seniors, with or without neuromuscular diseases.


Ask and you shall receive

Why are you paying for the services of a private trainer? The answer is simple: to obtain something in return; to feel better physically, but also mentally. As trainers, we, unfortunately, notice that people often put their appearance before their well-being. However, they both go together. This way of thinking must be changed. The trainer’s biggest responsibility is to help you pursue your goals while taking care of your well-being. His/her mission is to answer your questions allowing you to achieve the goals you have set. When you follow a workout plan, it is easier for you to focus on your routine and avoid distractions.


Working out often has unexpected effects for many clients, including directing the mind to discipline. Following the advice of a personal trainer and respecting a workout program, we improve not only one’s physical health but also their mental health; a win-win scenario.



Yvette Esses

  • Sc. Kinesiology, McGill University
  • Sc. Psychology Honours with Distinction, Concordia University
  • Accredited Kinesiologist by La Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec (FKQ)
  • Poliquin Personal Trainer Certification
  • McGill Personal Training Practicum
  • Internship at the Cummings Centre for seniors as an exercise specialist



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