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Develop the power, endurance, and coordination of a boxer through our demanding classes that combine cardiovascular exercises, bodybuilding, and boxing techniques. Boxing is a complete workout that manages stress, weight while increasing mental stamina, coordination and ensure an intense full-body workout. Kickboxing sessions are also available for Martial Arts fans. You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one!


girl in boxing gear in a stance ready to fight for boxe classKiki

Kiki has been teaching boxing for the past 22 years. Her story is inspirational. A member of the Fédération québécoise de boxe olympique team for five years, she has been in 10 amateur matches. In 2012, she traveled to Las Vegas to practice with Floyd Mayweather Sr. “His son Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer in the world today. His father was my coach. I wanted to box with the best. They say that when you train with the best, then you become the best,” she says. In Montréal, her coaches are Otis and Howard Grant. Why boxing? “I love this sport because it’s extreme, it brings me a high level of discipline and concentration. It’s the perfect way to manage stress and good mental health. It is also an incredible sport for self-esteem. It provides a lot of confidence. It frees the mind and brings more clarity”, explains the coach. At Mansfield, Kiki teaches two classes, the first focuses on cardio, and the second on boxing techniques with accessories, such as boxing gloves and punching bags. Tonic!