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Push yourself as you ride through a series of intervals and hill climbs designed to increase your endurance, strength, and power while leaving you exhilarated and energized. Newcomers, as well as the avid cyclist, will benefit from our courses. Come and see for yourself why we love spinning!



Spinning Instructor posing with a blurry backgroundMyriam Orellan

Originally from Barcelona, Myriam started spinning at the age of 15. “At the beginning, my goal was to lose weight. Since I was never gifted in dance or choreography, I tried spinning. I adored the ambiance, the music, the intense training. And I lost 10 kilos!”, she says. Passionate about the sport, she decided to make it her career. With her three certificates (Energy Cycling, Bike Control, and DIR Academy), she was an instructor for eight years in Spain and learned from the best coaches. Based in Montréal for the past two years, she applies her international knowledge in a unique way. “Spinning is my passion. I created my own style. I mix my own music … and I am very serious as an instructor”, she says. “My students know me. They know if they work hard, they will have results. I explain the objectives of the class, five minutes of warm up and we’re off!”