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About This Class

Revive the body and renew the soul while you soothe your mind by practicing the different forms of yoga offered at Mansfield.  Ideal for all! Beginners, those recovering as a result of an injury, or regulars who want to refine their techniques.

Calm your mind and face every day with a little more serenity.


yoga instructor wearing black top posing for a pictureAndrea Croxen 

Andrea, 30 years old, has been practicing yoga for the past eight years. She explains how this practice saved her life: “I was a full-time student and I was also working. My life was chaos. I ended up having a burnout. I practiced yoga, but only physically.” She decided to schedule some time for yoga on a daily basis, in a more meditative and spiritual way. Her vision changed: she learned how to manage daily stress, breath, to remain calm, to have clear thoughts. “This gave me such clarity on how to find my way, and I decided to dedicate my life to this practice.” Following some training in Vancouver, an advanced training with the Wanderlust yoga studio, workshops on the adjustment of the body and Thai Yoga Massage studies, she started teaching three years ago. At Mansfield, her class is designed to help individuals become aware of their bodies through breathing. Her advice? Patience and kindness.