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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions about the club, we will be more than happy to provide the answers.

Please contact us by phone or email and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest in the Mansfield Athletic Club.

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What is included in my regular monthly dues?

Mansfield offers one type of membership that is all inclusive of group exercise classes, cutting edge cardio equipment, multiple lines of strength training equipment and all the services in our locker rooms including complementary towel service. Several exciting services are available at a reasonable extra fee including personal training and small group training, KidzKlub, therapeutic treatments such as massage, Permanent locker privileges and healthy food & beverage options.

Does membership at one Mansfield Club offer use at the other clubs?

Depending on your home club, there are exciting multi-club privileges included in your monthly dues. If your home club is the downtown club, then you have full use of all Mansfield clubs at no charge and with no restrictions. If you are a member of either of our suburban clubs in Pointe-Claire and Brossard, then you have unlimited use of the suburban clubs and have complementary use of the downtown club to a maximum of 10 visits per quarter.

Can I use the club on a daily basis if I pay a fee?

The Mansfield Athletic Clubs focus on servicing our members and as such we strictly limit guest access to our Clubs. Guests may be introduced for a day for a modest guest fee but guests must be accompanied by a member and the number of visits per year by any single guest is strictly limited. For those looking to try the Clubs as they consider membership, we offer short trial opportunities, please see our Member Service Teams for more information.

Do you have parking?

Our suburban clubs have plenty of complementary parking available. Our downtown Club is surrounded by many convenient paid parking options with both convenient indoor lots and paid parking on the street.

Are lockers available?

Each of our clubs offers temporary lockers in which to store your personal effects when you are at the club. However, please note that temporary locker use is not meant to have personal belongings stored overnight. Should you wish to store personal belongings overnight, our clubs do offer permanent locker spaces which can be rented out per month. We also include security lockers which are available near the reception for objects of value.

Do you have a daycare?

Our suburban clubs offer daycare services at a low fee designed for while mom & dad are in the club. Please see our Member Service teams for more details.

Do I have to reserve for group classes?

Most of our Group Exercise classes are available to members on a first come, first serve basis. Select classes at all Clubs offer the convenience of an on-line reservation system. For details on specific classes at your home club, please consult our Member Service Teams.

Are there discounts for students?

Yes, we have an intermediate rate for those under 30 years. Ask a membership representative for all the details.

Do I receive a program with my membership?

Getting started at a new club can be a daunting endeavour. Members with different levels of fitness experience require different levels of assistance. When you join a Mansfield club we will have you meet with a professional trainer to discuss your personal situation and review your personal needs. Based on this initial consultation, our professionals will be able to recommend different options that offer you the best chance to achieve your health and fitness goals. Some will find that they have the experience to go it alone with a standard program but in our experience most people find that some degree of professional planning will help them start to see initial progress that will give them the confidence to make fitness a true lifestyle change.

*Available only at our Brossard location

Do your personal trainers give receipts for insurance?

Many of our trainers have certifications that enable them to provide receipts accepted by most third-party insurance companies but it varies between clubs and trainers. Please consult the Personal Training Coordinator in your club to find trainers that are able to offer receipts, if this is important to you.



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